I love gambling.

I love gambling on horses. I think it’s a ton of fun. And the babies are pretty into it too. I think Micky likes it as well, but she won’t admit that she likes it 🙂

And so we headed over to Golden Gate Fields today to get our Kentucky Derby on. We swung by Berkeley Hats first to get the right attire, and then ran smack into a crazy mass of humanity all there to dress up fancy, wear cool headgear, and enjoy the races.

The food was decadent.

Chili cheese nachos!
Chili cheese nachos!

The gambling wasn’t so good 🙂 But Amelia did have a winner, and she was so excited! She turned $2 into $4. I turned more than that into less than that 🙂 Oh well, we had a wonderful time, and I look forward to doing it again next year.

Amelia winning!