We’re about to board a seaplane back to Nadi from which we’ll fly first to LAX, and then hopefully to SFO later. 

We leave 9:30pm Jan 2 in Fiji, and get home at 4pm Jan 2 in San Francisco. 

That – ladies and gentlemen – is the magic of the international date line. 

It was absolute magic, and a ton of photos and stories will follow in the days to come. But first some things I’ve learned:

  • If you pick up a sea cucumber from under the water, then it spits water at you
  • Don’t touch the coral. It will cut you. You will get infected. 
  • Always ask the questions you’re not sure about because the answers can be fascinating and wonderful. 
  • Get a return plan. It’s a paradise that needs to be revisited. 
  • It’s really, really weird to be a day ahead of everything you know. Especially when you try to send new year’s wishes. 
  • Don’t drink the kava
  • Smile. It fixes everything
  • A ridiculously good looking 6-month old boy will be kissed at least 25 times a day while in Fiji
  • She can be as beautiful five years later as you remember her being the first time you arrived
  • Eat the fish.
  • Grow old. Not for yourself, but for the others who get to enjoy your company. 
  • Be worthy of their company, and make sure they are worthy of yours

The trip was amazing. The friends we made laughed with us, and then made fun of us. I met a prominent US Senator and his family. I was inspired by an old man with a huge soul.

Good-bye Turtle Island. My heart stays with you.