I’ve decided to refresh how people see me across various networks. One of those is LinkedIn where my summary is the one I wrote as a college student… which is now almost 10 years old. Here’s a cross-posting of the new, updated summary. I’ll post the old one tomorrow for posterity sake.

I build rocket ships. Let me tell you how:

It’s deliberate work.
Which demands attention to detail.
And it can’t be done alone.

But it’s not enough to just build rocket ships…

So I captain rocket ships. Let me tell you how:

I inspire a crew.
We point to an uncharted piece of space.
And we shoot for the stars.

But success does not come just because you’re brave enough to fly.

So I fill in my journal with adventures that show me the way. Let me tell you how:

As we explore new questions, and find uncertain answers.
My crew and I improve our rocket ship in real-time.
And invite many new characters along the way to join us on our journey.

Success is a difficult finish line to find. It means many things to many people.

So I speak many languages. Let me tell you which ones:

I speak the language of the crew who follow me – to listen, to direct, to inspire
I speak the language of the aliens we meet – to empathize, to relieve, to delight
I speak the language of the ones waiting at home – to validate, to capture, to defend

I build rocket ships. Then, with my crew, we take those rocket ships to unexplored heights. We bring value to those who believed in us, and delight to those who we meet on our journey. The rocket ship we bring back looks very little like the one we started with. It’s faster. It works better. We’re faster. We work smarter. And with those lessons learned, I build another rocket ship.