Today I started my final year of college for this go-around. I think that before I die, that I will end up with a Ph.D in Economics. I think that if Economics in the real world weren’t such a banking/finance endeavor, that I would have found myself doing Economics full time. However, I just don’t care enough about the Stock Market right now. I’d rather solve problems of rationality and how poorly we humans act accordingly.

My econ class this term is in Economic Development focusing on Third World countries. I think this class is going to really show me the non-op/ed side of economic development. My new goal is to get knowledge. I think that that’s where most informed people are lacking. Instead of knowing truths, we glue together ideas and factoids. What we fail to realize is the general lack of causality between factoids and truths. I’m pretty excited about this course, and hopefully tomorrow’s courses won’t disappoint.