Because of the way the schedule works, I’m seeing my Tuesday/Thursday classes for the first time today. I don’t start until 2pm, but I go until 6:30pm. It really isn’t too crazy, but at it is a long day. What I’m most worried about is 3 75-minute tests on the same day. I’ll need to find a way out of that situation if it comes to that.

We had to introduce ourselves to a neighbor as part of our course bonding experience. My neighbor is Roger King, who took his first CSC course at NCSU in 1973 (using Fortran 4). That’s just sick. I think there was a mention of punchcards… We also set down goals for the course. The professor said that she often sees that getting an A is a popular goal. If a goal of yours is to get an A, and that’s just not an expectation, then you’ve already failed. Just a thought.

My favorite line of the day came in HCI. My professor went on sabbatical in 2005, and never checked his voicemail messages. To this day he still hasn’t checked his voicemail messages. Why? He finds life is much easier when you don’t have to worry about voicemail messages. That’s just great.

I think this is going to be a really good term. I’ll have lots of time to do my own thing, but, beyond that, I also think that I’m going to learn a lot as well.