On a windy night in Southern San Francisco, the lads of TokSoccer stepped onto the pitch for their first match of the 2012 Summer/Fall season. Not a lot of experience, but a lot of enthusiasm accompanied the 6 brave souls. Fortunately, team captain Melih Onvural was able to recruit a goalie from another team to anchor the net, and the Boxers took to the field in their trusty 3-1-2 formation.

The first half can summarily be summarized as… Manas scored the team’s first goal off a beautiful pass from one Brewster!

At halftime, team captain Melih Onvural lauded the hard work of player of the match John Tsai who had a strong head about him in pressure situations, and coolly handled the center back position even without 2 of his lungs functioning. The team objective for the 2nd half was to focus on communication and passing, and to win the 2nd half, if not the match itself.

What a difference a pep talk makes! The first 5 minutes of the second half, the Boxers communicated, moved the ball exceptionally well, and, led by center midfielder Manas “I’ll never wear a feather boa again” Pradhan were able to make some fantastic advances on goal. Alas, in the words of one Meatloaf, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, and while the communication and passing were truly top notch, the Boxers were unable to win either the 2nd half or the match.

Massive accolades go to Praveen Thangavelu who showed great composure and soccer savvy in his first foray onto the pitch. Man of the match goes to John Tsai. In the words of every teeball coach in America, the final score doesn’t matter as this team showed that in a matter of weeks it will be competing for a playoff position in the first class Recreational 7v7 Wednesday night soccer league.

In the event anyone reading this email finds themselves seeking the camaraderie, fitness, or abject exhaustion of the Boxers as they left the field tonight, the team is still hoping to grow by 2 or 3 more players before next week’s match.