I haven’t posted in quite a long while, and a lot has happened in my life since. High level overview, and then I’ll get back on the bandwagon, and post more regularly.

Luka was born

My son Luka James Onvural was born on July 5. He’s huge, and healthy, and happy. He had a bit of a hospital stay because of an infection, but we’re doing great. Family has come and gone to visit, and that was really nice as well. All in all, having two is a lot more work, but a million times more fun than having one. So lucky to be four now.

Amelia’s organs are all on the inside

Amelia had surgery for her sports hernia, and for the first time in her life all of her internal organs are on the inside. It’s such a weird thing to celebrate, but I’ll take it. Her surgeons were amazing, and we’re just happy to be done with it all. Now hopefully the next time she’ll make me cry it will be for something that doesn’t kill me.

TokSoccer won its first legit game

My last post was about the soccer team we formed at TokBox. We’re pretty bad still, but we put together a fantastic game, and beat the #1 team in the league to keep our playoff hopes alive. It’s all or nothing this week for us as we play the team against which we’re competing for the last playoff spot.

I’m competing a triathlon

Yup. I can’t swim, but I’m going to go for it anyway, and see where it takes me. I’ll do updates as I get more training in :-p

Crazy few months, but happy to keep driving through it all.