We walked to the beach today. We were mixing friends (Justine & Baby Renzo), with family (Doruk & Hanna), with beautiful weather. There’s a cool little deli (called Clancey’s Market & Deli) around 41st and Irving where we stopped to have lunch. The sandwiches are amazing. The owner is a great guy. And the prices aren’t San Francisco (which is nice).

It’s also a fantastically easy walk. It’s flat. There’s plenty of things to see, and places to eat, around the way. We saw a cool photography studio. There’s a New Orleans food spot. There’s a surf shop (because I’m clearly going to have to learn).

I think discovering the neighborhood is going to be one of the best parts of having a home. The neighborhood will grow up with us, and we’ll become part of its fabric.

I really love this home ownership thing.