The week that Doruk was here.

It’s quite fun to have family around. I think that’s true regardless of who’s side it is. It also becomes a persistent reminder of how far away we are from family. I grew up a very long airplane ride away from my family, and somehow I’d like to make that distance feel much shorter for the babies. So far I think we’ve done a good job, but as flights get more expensive, the family grows, and folks get older and it’s harder for them to travel, I’m not sure how we pull it off. I guess that’s tomorrow’s problem, and so it goes…

What did we do this week? Hmmm….

A visit to Oakland and Brown Sugar kitchen in the rain. Followed that with a trip to the Alameda flea market where I got a snazzy belt!

The week was filled with the chaos of working too much; coming home to the babies & Doruk who were laughing too much; and the joys of having my baby brother around.

Yesterday we went to the beach, and just enjoyed the weather. The moment. It was really nice. When I took the big babies to the airport, it was a perfect ending. Doruk made me laugh the way he left, and I felt like a complete cycle of being together had passed. It was really nice.

Sunday felt like a down day. Luka started his new soccer season. Amelia wanted to join in. We’re going to have to figure that one out… She’s just not that into it, and so we didn’t sign her up… but may she is into it? I played too. It was a disaster 🙁 During my game, Amelia got nailed in the face by a shot. She took it amazingly well. She’s a rock star when it comes to pain.

Then we ended the weekend with good family bonding, and Micky heading to the airport for her trip this week.