This past weekend we headed back to Asheville, and got to spend time with some of my closest, oldest friends.

I really miss NC. I haven’t made the kinds of friendships out here that I thought I would mainly because I haven’t found a way to make everything work. And the thing that’s suffered the most is building relationships in CA that don’t revolve around TokBox.

And when I get back together with this crew (and now the +1s that are starting join), I realize how great good friends really are.

They bitch with you about things that don’t matter, and there’s no need to fix it.

They tell stories about when you were an idiot, and how they contributed to that moment in ways that only they could.

They make you laugh, and cry, and think about how lucky you really are.

This weekend was a great reminder for me that you can go home, and it doesn’t mean you didn’t make it.

Gosh I love these guys. And because of this weekend, I appreciate the crew I have built in CA that much more.