Holy shit we’re in single digits

This idea was contributed by one of my most loyal readers who has asked to stay anonymous. But he’s got a full list of great ideas that I’ll be using over the next few weeks. If you have an idea, then please let me know it!

How do you feel about being so much more privileged than most of the world knowing that you’re probably pooping in the water they drink?

If you know my anonymous questioner, then you’ll know that this question is straight in her/his alley.

The truth is that I didn’t realize this until very, very recently.

I was on Quora (I think), and the topic was why was the image for Human in Wikipedia the one that was chosen. The editor involved said when you think of the world’s population, then you realize that most of it is in Southeast Asia, most of it is below the poverty line, and that most of it survives on subsistence farming.

And that blew my mind.

Because I’ve never been in a situation where a McDonald’s wasn’t 10 minutes away. Or not having running water wasn’t a choice.

I then remember reading that the cheeseburger is truly a modern invention because you never could have all the ingredients fresh before refrigeration, global trade, and year-round growing cycles.

And it wasn’t that I wasn’t intellectually aware of starvation nor of drought & disease’s ability to ravage a nation.

It’s just that practically I didn’t realize how many people it affected. I didn’t realize how big of a lottery win it is to be born Caucasian, in the US, middle class, and never really needing a helping hand from the weather, the soil, and randomness.

And so the feeling that comes to mind is awe. I’m in awe of how lucky I am. And I only really realized it in the last few years.

Stunning isn’t it?