Biggest moment #2 – The break up that rocked my world

It had to show up at some point.

There were only really two relationships in my life during my twenties. The one that worked, and the one that failed spectacularly. It just took five years to get there.

When Giana broke up with me (on my 25th birthday, over the phone, while I was at work), I was destroyed. I took half of December off of work claiming to be “burnt out”, and just went home to try to figure out what the hell had just happened.

It really messed me up, and there are parts that I’m definitely still unable to piece together.

But holy smokes was it the best decision for both of us. Not simply because of Micky and the kids and how wonderful everything is now. But because we were actually awful for each other.

Giana would have held me back, and I would have drowned her. Our families would be even more incompatible than I assumed at the time. And I think we ultimately wanted very different end games out of life, and that would have led to a lot of friction.

I couldn’t have seen it then, but Giana was right to end it. And I genuinely think we’re both better off five years later.

It’s crazy that this will end up on both the best and worst things to happen to me this decade lists, but I guess time and reflection have an amazing way of painting such a picture.