Biggest moment #3 – Getting married 🙂

This one had to show up as well… but in a good way 🙂

I asked Micky’s dad for permission to marry her the first time that I met him. That was scary as hell. But Mike’s amazing. First class. He said to me, “Well what if I say no”. And I really had nothing to say. But at that point, I knew it was meant to be I guess.

Then buying that ring almost killed me. I’d never spent that much of my own money on anything. Holy shit, I almost died. I brought Lauren with me to ask her if it was a good ring. She said yes… but I don’t know if I believe her 🙂

Being engaged wasn’t that different than living together. Our biggest wedding fight was over whether I’d booked the DJ or not. That one almost killed us. But we survived.

The honeymoon was my big splurge. Turtle Island was amazing though, and so worth it.

The location was a great compromise. Inviting all the Turkish mafia was meant to be a good compromise, but my parents found something to complain about anyway. That was pretty disappointing.

Mehmet being the officiant was fantastic. I thought his speech was really great. I thought the guitar player was great as well. Jill was amazing. The pies and cupcakes rocked. And the aforementioned DJ was a hit.

The rehearsal dinner was awesome. Not necessarily the event itself, but the food definitely was.

The night was really magical. I cried a lot. I think I was just overwhelmed with too much going on. The people who were there. The people who weren’t there.

There was an amazing after party, and that really capped the night off wonderfully. It will go down as one of the best weeks of my life, and definitely goes in the top three highlights of my twenties.